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The Grooming Salon

Happier, healthier grooming at bones!





Cost is based on breed, size, coat, condition, temperament and special requests.



Full groomings start at $40.
Cost is based on breed, size, coat, condition and complexity of style.

References available.
Please call for appointment and cost

Our Groomer, Karen


Karen, our groomer, has over 14 years experience and takes pride in her uncanny ability to work with "grooming challenged" clients!  Her passion is to keep the grooming experience pleasant and comfortable, and to have the pet home in a reasonable amount of time.  Karen will be happy to consult with you to find out exactly what you want, and can recommend a style that would work best for your pet.  We are very happy to have Karen with us here at Bones!


Grooming is essential to the health and well-being of your pet.  When done on a regular basis by a caring groomer, your pet will feel confident, clean and happy!

Bones' goal is to keep our guest's stress to a minimum and we make our grooming salon as quiet and stress-free as possible.  We strive to make your pet's stay as brief as necessary for proper grooming.  Our idea is to avoid a long day in a cage or crate.  When each guest arrives, he/she is evaluated and either goes to the bathing room or is given a "prep groom" and then bathed.  While our guests are in drying cages or crates waiting their turn, they are given a fluffy towel to rest on.

We implement a number of stress reducers to minimize anxiety for our guests.  We have water fountains running, play soft music and spray "Bach Rescue Remedy" into the air between each groom.  (This spray is known for it's calming effect in any stressful situation.)  In addition, our groomer and bather use soft "baby talk" and gentle touches to help calm and comfort each client.

Puppies receive "groom training", which shows the puppy what is expected during the grooming process.  The puppy should view the groom as a positive, happy experience!

Our guests are treated to a massaging bathing experience by our bather.  We use a veterinary eye drop to prevent irritation in case any shampoo would accidentally get into the eye, and a veterinary recommended ear cleaner to gently wipe debris from each ear (and check for possible infection).  Then, our hypoallergenic emollient-enriched shampoo is gently massaged through the coat, down to the skin to remove dirt, debris, loose/dead hair and dander, while increasing blood circulation.  Afterward, each guest is thoroughly rinsed and towel dried.

We have a variety of shampoos and do our best to choose the right one for your pet's unique needs.  Some pets can be sensitive to even the most "natural" shampoo ingredients.  Please inform us of any known allergies or sensitivities, rashes, hot spots or abrasions.

We avoid using muzzles and restraints unless it becomes absolutely necessary for the pet's safety and/or our own.  We always have an experienced "helper" available to assist with nervous, geriatric, disabled, deaf, blind or emotionally sensitive guests!  We take the time and patience necessary for each individual client and do not rush the grooming process.  Dogs are sensitive and know if the groomer feels pressured to rush.  A prompt phone call will let you know as soon as your pet is finished.

We use a combination of hand drying and cage drying techniques.  Hand drying blows out loose hair and dander, as well as many small knots and mats. 

Guests may continue drying in a cage, as it is less stressful; then a final hand drying completes the process.  All our dryers are cool air ... NO heating elements are used.

Finally, the pet is "finished", which means nails are trimmed, the haircut is fine-tuned and neatened and the last brushing occurs.  This is the most time consuming portion of the entire groom.  We add bows, polish and bandanas for a final touch (on the appropriate guest, of course!).  We will be happy to suggest grooming techniques and tools for keeping your pet neat at home.



A "Before" (left) and "After" (below)



Some of our beautiful clients! 









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