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"Anytime we get asked by fellow dog owners where we board our dog Mitchie, we tell them Mitchie "vacations" at Bones!

Bones is the only place we would ever take Mitchie! Mitchie is our baby! She goes to work with us everyday and is very rarely left alone. She's a social butterfly! The first time we had to board Mitchie, we asked for recommendations from another dog owner who feels the same way about their dog that we feel about Mitchie.  (They aren't just dogs to us...they are our kids!)  They told us Bones was the place to go! I knew they were right when I made that call to Bones and was told that they'd like me to bring Mitchie over for a play date to see how she interacts with other dogs and to make sure Bones was the right place for her to stay. That told me that they weren't taking just any dogs and looking to make a fast buck.

To say Mitchie LOVES Bones is an understatement! She gets so excited when we arrive at Bones and when she sees Sandy or Johnny in our store, she has to go say hi and smother them with kisses! To me that is the best recommendation!

Mitchie would never survive in a boarding cage where she is only taken out briefly a couple times a day. Mitchie has her toys, a bed and her own blanket. At home she rings a bell to go out. She needs to be somewhere that allows her to have her stuff and is as close to home as possible. Last time Mitchie stayed at Bones she slept on the couch in the lobby with her blanket!  At home, she sleeps on the couch so I guess she decided that why would Bones be any different!

When we go away, we don't worry. We can relax and enjoy our vacation because we know Mitchie is in excellent hands and on her own vacation! Thank you Sandy and Johnny for providing a home away from home! You truly do provide "A Canine Resort"!"

Kim and Ken Mitchell
The UPS Store


"Thank you so much for taking care of Figgy over the summer. As you know it was a very hard, as well as heartbreaking decision to move to Ireland and leave him here alone for such a long period of time. We had never been without him since he was 8 weeks old. You can probably tell, since he is a bit of a baby, and spoiled rotten. We can’t thank you enough for giving him the love and attention that he needed to make this transition easier. Not only did he have fun with his other canine friends, he also got a second family that loved him as much as we did. My boys always talk about the "Bones Camp" Figgy went to, as if he was on a vacation. I’m sure Figgy did think he was on vacation.

I wanted also to Thank You for going above and beyond when it came to Figgy’s health, and for completing all the import documentations for Ireland. Making the vet appointments, driving him to the vet, and making sure everything went smoothly. We could not have done it without your help.

After months of waiting for the quarantine to be over, Figgy arrived safely in Ireland. He looks marvelous! He is still as active and vocal as we remember. It’s a good feeling knowing that he hadn’t changed, and that the time away from our family did not affect him adversely. We are sure he misses you both, as well as all his canine buddies. But we are comforted by the fact that if we ever needed someone to care for him again, it would be BONES!! You were there when we could not be to ensure his safety, and give him love and affection. You really did go above and beyond, providing the best possible care for Figgy and gave our family the support it needed. Knowing Figgy was in such good hands gave us tremendous peace of mind. Which was hard to do in the midst of an international move!

If you ever need a reference you can give my name, and email. I would be happy to discuss the great care and service that BONES provided to our family."

Best of luck in the coming year,

Figgy's mom

Kristen Turner



"Everyone that has to board their furry family member wants to leave them in a place that feels like home. For me, that place is Bones. Sandy and Johnny very clearly love the dogs entrusted to their care. Bones feels like home, comfortable and clean with many extras to spoil our dogs like we do. Lucy loves her very own bed in her very own room.

Since Lucy is an agility dog it is important to me that she gets exercise, play time and fresh air and that is available in abundance at Bones. I can’t imagine leaving my girl any place else but Bones."

Lucy's family





Bones is a wonderful doggie retreat and we have nothing but high praise for Johnny and Sandy!  The facility itself is a warm, comforting environment where each dog has his or her own safe room, and where we immediately felt Truffle would be at home.  The huge gated grass yard, the clean environment, the non-kennel feel and the friendliness were all things that impressed us. After fifteen years and two wonderful dogs, we have learned that there’s more to quality care than just a nice facility.  It was after meeting and getting to know Johnny and Sandy that we knew Truffle would receive more than just a nice place to stay, she would be cared for as if she were one of their own pets.  When you arrive after being out of town and are feeling a little guilty for leaving your furry friend behind, and your beloved pet runs to you in full excitement, but eagerly run back to Johnny and Sandy as if to give a hearty goodbye, you know a special bond was formed and a lot of love was given.

Heath and Melanie LeGrand

February 13, 2010










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