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Training at Bones

Note, July 30, 2012:

Our training services have, at least temporarily, been discontinued.  We are sorry, but will be happy to assist you in a basic evaluation, and make referrals to someone who will be able to help you.  If/when we are ready and able to resume training services, we will post an update here.


Bones offers private training geared specifically to your dog and your needs.  Initial evaluations and consultations are free.  We do not offer group classes. 

We provide clients a safe, private and enjoyable experience with each and every class.  We believe that each session should be custom tailored to fit the personality and skills desired for each dog to reach his full potential.

Obedience training is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your dog.  It doesn't solve all behavior problems, but it is the foundation for solving just about any problem.  Training opens up a line of communication and bonding between you and your dog, providing challenge and mental stimulation so important for canine development.

All training involves the three (3) divisions of obedience:

Learning, Correction and Distractions


PUPPY BASICS ... what every puppy owner needs to know

House training
Informal puppy obedience
Collars & Leashes


Heel, sit, down, stay & recall


Advanced Obedience begins after all phases of Basic Obedience have been mastered.  Advanced prepares you and your dog to move into arenas of agility, search and rescue, therapy, obedience competition, etc.

Advanced Obedience includes (but is not limited to) the walking down, walking stand, long stay, long recall, etc.

After completion of our program, Bones offers continuing education for your dog.  Whenever your dog boards with us, or attends PlayCare, we reinforce learned behaviors and commands.  We are also available for phone consultation.



"Olly" and "Booyah"



"People sometimes cringe at the thought of training, as if its purpose were to quench a dogs spirit ... NONSENSE ... Genuine training is about freedom for both ourselves and our dogs to enjoy each other, enhancing our relationship by allowing their potential to blossom in the patient context of trial and error, praise and appreciation."

Monks of Skete


Puppy basics

"I tell people that your dog can love you and not respect you.  You cannot love your dog into respecting you.  Love and respect are two unrelated emotions when referring to a relationship with a dog."

Ed Frawley, Leerburg




"Being a good trainer and companion requires humility"

Monks of Skete       










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