The Boneslife

Bones guests are creatures of play whose spontaneous interaction with life speaks of life’s goodness. -The Monks of New Skete

What is the Boneslife?

The Boneslife is a supervised, controlled environment that allows dogs to be what they were created to be creatures of play that engage & thrive in the dynamic of the pack structure. The joyous interaction in the company of other dogs helps to release energy, stimulate the mind & exercise the body.

The Boneslife is...

Celebrating the life of the dog through the spirit of group play which we believe is exuberant of life & is found in playing within the dynamics of a pack. It is allowing them the freedom to run & play in the beauty of God’s nature…the spirit & soul of our best friends was not meant to be caged, chained & with no companionships, but he or she was meant to enjoy the beauty that surrounds them because, in heart of every dog, there is a spiritual yearning to run free & be free!Playing within the pack structure does several things…

Play…playing is exercise, playing is stimulation, playing is teaching them boundaries and limitations, what is allowed and what is not allowed.

Second, it calms any anxiety that is present when they arrive…what we as humans can’t do, the pack can…

Third, it gives them a positive experience, an enjoyable experience, one they will remember & will be eager to come back.

Fourth, not only are they tired at the end of the day, a good tired, we might add, but they go home ready to relax, and oftentimes a two-day nap is always enjoyed by mom & dad.