Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please make sure your food is in a small container with legible pets name & directions on feeding. NOTE: Please refrain from bringing your food storage bin from home, as we have limited storage space available. We ask that you refrain from bringing food in trash bags or grocery store bags. Food can be in individual baggies but still must be in a container with their name & directions.It’s always good to include 2-3 days worth of food past the pick up date in case of emergencies. If your pup is a picking eater please bring whatever you use at home to entice them to eat…we do not judge.

If you’re feeding raw please have two meals thawed out. Directions still need to be written out.

All medications need to be written out & in the pill bottles they were prescribed in. This is very important especially for seniors or in case there is an emergency. If the directions on the pill bottle are different than what is being given please write it out & let us know.We do not charge for giving meds unless there is are several meds  that need to be given.Also, please bring what ever the medication is given in at home…again we do not judge.

Please bring some type of bedding from home. We do have the Kuranda beds, but we’d like for them to have something that’s familiar from home.Refrain from bringing bedding for those that feel they need to destroy it.We do recommend some toys from home. Even though we do our best to keep everything together sometimes the toy fairy claims one or two.

You do not need to bring bowls. We use our own bowls that we sanitize & wash daily.

Please remove all collars & leashes & keep them in your possession. If someone else will be picking your pup up,please let us know & we will keep leash & collar with his or her belongings.

We encourage everyone to bring treats. Treats that they normally get at home.We feel it’s important to give them a treat every time they come in & especially at bed time.If you do not bring treats we will use our treats & a fee will be added to your total bill. Please keep in mind that our treats are hypoallogenic & more expensive than the norm. We use the hypo treats because their easy on the stomach & will not effect those that might have allergies.

It’s very important for first time guest to arrive when we open. The sooner we get them acclimated to the guests that are already here the better for them. Please check our hours on our Contact Us page for more information about drop offs and pick ups.